Professional Development Series – Social Media Focus 101

Last updated on September 23, 2022 - 1 minute

social media phobia
Social media advertising and content production have now become foundational pillars supportive of small business marketing. This reality is precisely why a business owner’s awareness and comprehension of social media is paramount. Education should, therefore, be a critical component of your long-term business strategy, operationalized through day-to-day tactics. We understand this can be overwhelming, and extremely time consuming.
Launch Huntsville social media phobia
Work with Launch and we’ll teach you how to incorporate the core functions of social media (Monitor, Amplify, Respond, Lead) intro your overall marketing strategy.
With our series, your understanding will encompass the why, not just the what. Knowledge empowers and creates higher levels of self-reliance. Why rely on someone giving you a fish every day? Learn to fish and experience a new level of independence. The first step is understanding the “grammar” of social media marketing. Think of it as the digital manifestation of verbal and written expression which, when properly understood, equips you with the ability to make much wiser business decisions. Once “grammar” is mastered, we move to defining the “jargon,” with incredibly important terms like Analytics, Click-Through Rate, Conversion Rate, Engagement Rate, Hashtags, Impressions, and more.
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Dina Young

Dina Young, CEO Launch Huntsville. A leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and team oriented spirt.